WellnessFX Blood Work

WellnessFX Blood Work

We are partnering with WellnessFX to offer blood work before and after the paleo challenge. If anyone is interested, please read more on their website and then check out the deals they've offered us on the links below. Melissa had the opportunity to do a Wellness FX blood draw and consultation earlier this year and  learned a lot more than what what is available from the standard testing done at the doctor's office. It was a quick and easy process--highly recommended! If we have at least 10 people signed up, they'll do the testing right at the gym. Otherwise, you can go to one of several local labs.

Before and After WellnessFX Baseline ($30 Discount) *Link is not working at the moment. It should be back up soon.

WellnessFX Baseline - Single Test ($10 Discount for the first 5 people who sign up)

Here is a video with more information about WellnessFX!


Be sure to sign up before Sept. 17th when the Paleo Challenge begins!

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