Weekly Bonus Points: Week 4

Weekly Bonus Points: Week 4

Nutrition Challenge Participants:


This week, you'll need to partner up with someone on your team to earn your bonus points. Either you'll need a coach to verify your count or you can video your performance and send it to your coach. IMPORTANT: If you have never done tire flips, you MUST ask a coach to show you the proper form.

For two minutes, you and your partner will flip the tire back and forth to each other. Ladies will be allowed to use the smaller tire, men will use the larger tire (ladies are also welcome to use the large tire if they want). If a male/female pairing is working together, they can use both tires if needed, but only one person can work at a time and they must alternate. If you cannot flip a tire by yourself, you and your partner can lift it together. Tire flips can be done in the entrance way before or after classes.

2 minutes: at least 12 flips = 1 bonus point for each partner

2 minutes: 20 flips or more = 2 bonus points for each partner

*IF a teammate is out of town all week, they may designate another teammate to perform their flips, but those don't double count. That person would need to complete the task an extra time, and with a different partner than the first time. You can get your coach to do this with you if needed.

Get your flippin' points this week, teams!

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