Update for Friday, 10/13/17

Update for Friday, 10/13/17

We will be open tomorrow (Friday) for regular schedule. The air quality is predicted to be a little better than today, but the predictions have not always matched the reality. We will be planning strength and extended accessory work, but not conditioning. We urge anyone with asthma or any other health conditions that could be affected to not work out. If anyone is feeling light-headed or experiencing headaches, coughing, dizziness, etc., please let a coach know and do not continue to work out. We want to remind you that our space is a warehouse with garage doors, no insulation, and no air filtration, so consider it the same as working outdoors. On days deemed "unhealthy" or in the red air quality zone, strenuous outdoor activity is discouraged for ALL people, not just those with sensitive conditions. We do not recommend any intense conditioning workouts. Older adults, children, and pets should be kept indoors as much as possible. Be safe, and listen to your body. If any coaches are experiencing negative effects of the air from prolonged exposure, they will need to close the gym. We hope this won't be the case, but our first priority is always safety.

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