Teams Announced for Nutrition Challenge

Teams Announced for Nutrition Challenge

Here are the teams for the Nutrition Challenge. We've included everyone who signed up on the list officially and those who asked to be added to it. If you meant to register officially but forgot, please let me know ASAP. Teams are listed by the coach leading that team:


Anthony, Marek, Rufus, Paul, Chris S., Sebastian, Liz V., Josh V.


Rebecca, Alex M., Heather, Kevin C., Jim, Ana, Jeronimo, Tara


Margot, Rob, Kimber, Sergio, Roy, Liz R., Kevin S., Etim


Kelly, Adam, Andy P., Sam, Kim, Sjur, Joseph, Andrew B.


Shanna, Lacy, Ajlai, Shannon, Emily, Levi, Laura, Atchie

You all should be hearing from your trainers shortly--if you do not, please contact us to make sure that we have the correct email address listed for you.

Please have a coach take before pictures of you at the gym by FRIDAY.

Please complete Monday's workout and submit results to your coach by FRIDAY (if you can't make it in on Monday, make up that workout another day this week).



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