Some Details on Team Training Program

Some Details on Team Training Program

For those of you interested in the team training program, here are a few details based on questions that have come up.

1) Team Training workouts will not be sent out or posted online--they will be written daily on the small whiteboard (soon to be hung up in a permanent location at the gym).

2) There will be no scaling options written for team training. This program is written for intermediate and advanced athletes who have enough experience to complete most of the work as prescribed and who know how to appropriately scale workouts to their own level. Participants are expected to be proficient in the movements we teach. Remember, this add-on work is completed on your own. If we feel like you need more experience and instruction before working individually, we may suggest you wait before participating in this program.

3) The amount of volume in this program (if you complete all parts on all programmed days) is very high. If you cannot handle this volume safely and manage your recovery, please build up slowly rather than jumping in to the full program. If your aim is general health and fitness, this add-on work is unnecessary for you. If you intend on competing in the sport of CrossFit, this program will help you prepare for success in competition. Consider your goals when choosing your training path. Competitive training with high volume and intensity involves more risk than training for fitness. Be safe, and listen to your body always. Rest when needed.

4) Every three weeks, our add-on work schedule will change a bit. Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics work will alternate between M/Th and T/F schedules. Approximately every 3 months, our focus will shift. We are currently starting a strength cycle, so much of our work will involve added lifting and strict gymnastics movements.

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