Schedule Updates Starting Next Week!

Schedule Updates Starting Next Week!

Due to popular demand, the 7:15pm time will be a regular WOD starting next week on Monday, August 26th. We will be moving future evening on-ramp groups to 8:15pm, which will be a time exclusively for on-ramp classes. 

In addition, Team Training will alternate between Saturdays and Sundays at 11am so that more people can attend. Reminder: this class is designed for those who would like to be competitive and practice more challenging skills as well as develop strategies for competing on a team. September 7th will be the first Saturday class, the next to weekends will still be Sunday. The team training Saturdays will be opposite weeks of Olympic Lifting. Remember to check the schedule and facebook for weekend schedule reminders. 

Remember, if you have a class time you'd like to see added/changed, please give us your feedback. While it may not be possible to accommodate every request, we value your input on the schedule and would like to make it easier for as many of you as possible to attend regularly. 

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