Schedule Updates: Please Read

Schedule Updates: Please Read

Some schedule changes are coming your way! 

First off, the 10am has been a very slow class time since we first added it several months ago, so we will be canceling this class time as of this week (no 10am classes this week). Please keep us informed of class times that would work best for your schedule. If you'd like to see a certain time added, email your suggested times to 

Next up, beginning July 1st, the evening classes will begin at 15 minutes after the hour, so the class times will be 4:15pm WOD, 5:15pm WOD, 6:15pm WOD, and 7:15pm open gym. Yoga will remain on Thursday evenings at 7:15. People are often rushing to make it to these class times, and most days, people are still trickling in up to 10 minutes after the start time. Please try your best to arrive on time to classes so that you get a proper warm-up and don't hold up the class. We hope this time change will allow you to make it easier to arrive on time. Also, a new rule will be that no matter what time you arrive, you'll go out for your 400m run. No, we don't care if you ran here. Or biked here. Or threw some water on your face before entering so it looked like you were sweating to make it here. Go run! :)


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