PR Board Raffle!

PR Board Raffle!

Starting this month (July), we are going to enter a raffle ticket for each PR written on the PR board during the month for a chance to win a prize at the end of the month! Just write your name (and last initial if you have a common name) on the board with your new record. Since we can't keep track of every personal record at the gym, we will follow the honor system. Please make sure to check your old times/weights to know if your workout/lift is a personal best. You can write multiple PRs on the board (as long as they are workouts or lifts that are part of the daily programming or the Barbell WOD programming. Please don't just go off and do a ton of testing on your own. You'll have plenty of opportunities each cycle to test yourself. 

First chance to try a benchmark is with your "DT" retest! If you miss class tomorrow, please feel free to make up this workout within the next week.

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