Open WOD 13.2 Schedule

Open WOD 13.2 Schedule

The next Open workout will be announced Wednesday evening, and must be completed by Sunday at 5pm. We will be reserving Saturday, March 16th as our WOD day for the Open. All participants who cannot make it on Saturday should contact a trainer to schedule a time to complete the workout. Schedule for Saturday will be as follows:

8am Free Community Class (open to members and newcomers)

9am WOD: This will be a regular class, not for participants needing to be judged.

10am-Noon: OPEN Workout 13.2 for OPEN PARTICIPANTS ONLY *Others are welcome and encouraged to watch and cheer!

*This seems to be the best time slot to get many people through the workout without much interruption to regular class times, so please reserve this time for participants needing to be judged. All other members wanting to get in a workout should attend the 8am community class or the 9am WOD. Thank you for your cooperation.

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