Olympic Lifting is Back (with a new schedule and coach)!

Olympic Lifting is Back (with a new schedule and coach)!

We are excited to be offering Olympic Lifting class again starting this Sunday, May 4th at 11am. La Mar Sheppard will no longer be coaching this class as he recently went back to school, but we are excited to bring on board Patrick Forrester. Here are some of his impressive stats:

  •  2010 Empire State Games-1st (56kg)
  •  2011 National Junior Championships-3rd (56kg)
  •  2011 School Age National Championships-2nd (62kg)
  •  2012 National Youth Championships-1st (62kg)
  •  2012 IWF World Youth Weightlifting Championships-18th (62kg)

Patrick has been coached by a 2X national champion and Olympian (James Curry) and a former junior world record holder (Arthur Dreschler, also the author of The Encyclopedia of Weightlifting). Patrick is currently studying physics at UC Berkeley.

If you struggle with the clean & jerk and snatch, come take advantage of this class!



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