Oly Lifting Meet this Sunday at 10am!

Oly Lifting Meet this Sunday at 10am!

This Sunday La Mar will be hosting our first Oly Lifting Meet for members. This is a chance to test your progress on your oly lifts (clean & jerk and snatch), which is perfect since we're finishing up Oly Month Part Two this week. This event is similar to the CrossFit Total. You'll get thee attempts at each of 3 increasing weight choices for each lift. For example, if you want to go for a snatch at 100#, 110#, and 115#, you get three chances at each weight. Once a lift is successful, you must add weight on your next lift. Your score will be the total of your highest successful snatch and clean & jerk.

The sign up sheet to participate (which we encourage all of you to do--no matter how much you can lift) is located near the bathroom where the usualy Oly sign-up sheet is. Please indicate your opening weight (one you know you can do) for each lift next to your name. This is more about your own personal challenge than competition with others. You should just be aiming to improve your own lifts, no matter what weight you're using. This event is for members of ALL levels! Please come enjoy the support of others as you go for new personal records.

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