Nutrition Challenge Weekly Bonus Points Week 7

Nutrition Challenge Weekly Bonus Points Week 7

This week's bonus points are for team members to plan their nutrition goals and strategy post-challenge.

Each team member looking to earn points must outline the following questions.

1) What have you learned from the nutrition challenge? (How have you felt during the challenge? Is there anything you've craved or has been a trigger food? How has coming more consistently to the gym changed your results, etc. You can write about anything you've learned, but make it specific and personal--vague generalizations won't count.)


2) What is your goal post-challenge? (Outline a one-month, three month, and six month measurable goal. Goals can be related to continued weight loss, muscle gain, health, strength, conditioning, etc, but they should be specific and realistic for each phase of the plan.)


3) How will your diet and habits change post-nutrition challenge to achieve your goals? (What is your specific plan for success for achieving these goals? Will you continue with the nutrition challenge as-is, or will you add back in elements of the diet to make it more sustainable?)


You can earn one point for each section you answer.

***Bonus Bonus Points***

Dr. Robert Lustig is hosting a symposium on sugar and its harmful effect on metabolism and health at UC Berkeley, Saturday, April 19th from 1 to  3pm. Anyone who participates in the event will receive 3 additional bonus points for the week.

Additional details can be found here:

If you haven't seen Robert Lustig's famous youtube video on sugar, you can check it out here:

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