New Focus: Helen!

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New Focus: Helen!

After a solid block of work resetting and rebuilding our strict strength, we’re shifting gears to work on dynamic movements and test a benchmark workout. Our next focus will be "Helen" (3 Rounds of 400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swings 53/35, 12 Pull ups). Helen is a simple workout, but it’s deceptively challenging, as it taxes your muscular endurance while keeping each movement just short enough to keep you moving. 

During the month, expect to see focused skill work on sprints, kettlebells, and pull up work, as well as grip strength building. If you’ve been working on getting your first pull-up, we’ll keep that momentum going, and we’ll also start transferring the strict strength to kipping technique practice. “Helen” is typically in the 8-12 minute range, so we'll program conditioning to practice pushing hard for this duration, as well as more running in the WODs. You'll still see plenty of workouts of varying lengths, with a variety of movements, just a little added practice in these areas. 

Our accessory work will also target the muscle groups you'll need to develop to improve your performance on these skills. For example, we'll target the lats and biceps for pull up strength, as well as glutes and hamstrings for kettlebell swings. As always, we recommend trying to get at least one set of accessory work in before you leave. 

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