New Classes for May and FREE Mobility Seminar!!!

New Classes for May and FREE Mobility Seminar!!!

We have a couple of exciting events coming up in the near future! First, as many of you may know, we will be adding some new weekend classes starting Saturday, April 22nd. At 11am, we will be offering a "Gymnastics Skills for CrossFit" class. This class will work on both strict strength development as well as technique work for the gymnastics movements commonly found in CrossFit. If you have a desire to improve or work towards your first pull-ups, push-ups, muscle-ups, Toes-to-bars, HSPU, pistols, and rope climbs, this class is for you! There will not be a "WOD" afterwards, but gymnastics conditioning will be built into the program, so expect a lot of time under tension and to be pushed to the limits of your ability level.

In addition, at noon we will be offering another Strongman class due to popular demand! If you've wanted to try Strongman but haven't been able to make the Tuesday 6pm time slot, this is your chance. You will receive instruction on how to safely lift kegs, stones, tires, sandbags, and many more odd objects! After the Strongman class, there will be Strongman Open Gym time from 1-2. This will allow for more opportunity to work with and practice the strongman implements. At this time, we ask that the open gym time ONLY be for strongman athletes. Many of the implements require a lot of space, and we want to give people the chance to fully work on their skills. 

In addition, we will have a FREE mobility seminar on Sunday, May 21st at 11am. The workshop will last approximately an hour and be led by Dr. Jen Falk, who will demonstrate how to properly perform myofacial release and stretch to release tight muscles. A sign-up sheet will be posted at the gym in May for the first 20 people interested. For more information on Dr. Falk, you can check out her bio at 

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