Morning Schedule, The Barbell WOD Class, and More Mobility

Morning Schedule, The Barbell WOD Class, and More Mobility


In an effort to solve overcrowding during the morning class times and to balance out class sizes, we are adding a fourth morning class and changing up the schedule a bit. The new schedule begins Jan. 12th and we'll be monitoring class sizes to see how effective the schedule changes are. It would help us out if everyone would remember to log in at the start of each class so that we can track attendance. This will enable us to find the ideal times to schedule on-ramp sessions for beginners to and to place 2nd coaches when needed. 

Class times in the morning will be 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 9am. *Please see below for details on the 7:30am time slot.



In addition to the change in class times, the 7:30am session on M/W/F mornings will be run as The Barbell WOD, a dedicated strength program designed by Cal Strength. This program is best suited for the intermediate to advanced athlete who would like to focus more time on strength training, with an emphasis on the olympic weightlifting movements. We would like to minimize athletes following programs on the side, without coaching. This class is an opportunity for athletes who would like more lifting than we can fit into a regular one hour class time to get coaching with a solid program to follow. If you aren't sure if this program would be right for you, please ask a coach.

The Barbell WOD takes one hour to complete, and the class will end with the conditioning workout of the day. On Tuesdays, since this time slot will be 90 minutes, the 7:30am class will be run as an Advanced WOD, which will be a more challenging version of the regular workout of the day. We will also be adding an Advanced WOD on Saturday mornings at 11am. Intermediate to advanced athletes, particularly those interested in competition, should make an effort to structure their training with these sessions in mind. 

Suggested Schedule: (M/W/F Barbell WOD + Conditioning, Tues/Sat Advanced WOD, Thurs Active Recovery (Mobility Class), Sun TOTAL REST DAY

The Barbell WOD includes an online app (soon to be a downloadable app), an online forum for questions, demo videos, results tracking (soon to be expanded) and more. We strongly urge anyone who is planning to make this a regular part of their routine to sign up at The cost of this program is only $9 a month or $90/year when you use the discount code ROOTS. Your money supports both Cal Strength and Grassroots, and we look forward to working with their awesome team of coaches and lifters throughout the year. When you sign up for The Barbell WOD, you can even visit Cal Strength for a lifting session when you're in the San Ramon area! 


A new mobility class has been added to the schedule during the 7:30am time slot on Thursdays. This class is 1 hour long and makes a great active recovery day for athletes of ALL LEVELS. Spending quality time on your ability to achieve full range of motion will help your all around performance inside of and outside of the gym. Now you have two chances each week to spend a dedicated hour to mobility, Sundays at 11:15am and Thursdays at 7:30am. 



With the new schedule, starting Jan. 12th, Yoga with Nate will be shifting to a later morning time slot. Please stay tuned for details as we get that set. 


We appreciate your patience as we all get used to the new schedule; we realize changing your routine can be tough at first, but we hope that in the long run everyone will benefit from these changes. 

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