Kettlebell Seminar Dec. 2nd 11am-2pm

Kettlebell Seminar Dec. 2nd 11am-2pm

Kettlebell Seminar Dec. 2nd 11am-2pm

What: Hardstyle Russian Kettlebell Training Seminar -- Perfect your kettlebell technique and learn some new skills. Kettlebells are a great tool for building muscle, losing fat, and improving conditioning! Learn to master the following movements: Swings (one and two arm), Get ups, Cleans, Front Squats, Russian Snatches, American Snatches, OH Walks, Farmer's Carries

When: Dec. 2nd (11am-2pm)

Cost: $50

Limited Registration: 6 Members -- Contact us to reserve your spot.

Instructor: Lance Velasquez, RKC, Crossfit Level 1, FMS, TRX

Lance Velasquez spent years as a high-profile chef in the restaurant industry and at one time was recognized as one of the country's top ten chefs. In his off-time he used the treadmill as his primary exercise tool. Realizing that he wasn't seeing the results he wanted in life or in health, Lance changed his fitness style and joined his local Crossfit. He began training in olympic and power lifts, as well as doing high-intensity metabolic conditioning workouts. After losing over 50 pounds and improving his fitness level and cardiovascular health, Lance decided to  hop off of the proverbial treadmill, leave the restaurant business, and fulfill his dream of becoming a personal trainer. Lance then went on to participate in the 2008 Crossfit Games in Aromas, and continues to
compete in every throwdown that comes his way. Since realizing his passion for fitness Lance has earned his Level 1 Crossfit certification, as well as Robb Wolf's Nutrition Certification. He has taught Crossfit classes, bootcamps and personal sessions, and, because he believes that 80% of your health and fitness can be attributed to what you put into your body, Lance also regularly leads paleo cooking seminars for his clients.

As a strength & conditioning coach at Sol Performance, Lance has incorporated into his coaching the importance of proper body mechanics. Through his intensive work with leading physical therapists at Sol, Lance is also conscious of the importance of appropriate
rehabilitation and rest.Lance's passion for the wellness of others has helped many individuals with varied goals to become more fit and healthy. Using his vast knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, his understanding of the importance of functional fitness, and his 35 years as a creator of delicious and healthy foods, Lance has all of the tools in his toolkit; do you want to build muscle? Lean out? Get stronger? Increase endurance? Lance can help you to do all of this, and he'll make sure that your time working out with him is the most fun you'll have all day, so that you can't wait to do it again tomorrow.

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