Goal Board Updated

Goal Board Updated

We have cleared the goal board and changed the set up. As much as we enjoyed goals like "handsomest guy at the gym" and "do a Turkish get-up with Kris as my weight," it's time to get focused. Goals should be short term, measurable, and realistic.

For this month, we'd like you to set a goal that you hope to achieve by January 31st. Pick one thing that you would like to spend a little extra time working on. If you need help thinking of a reasonable goal based on your current level, please ask a coach for help. The programming for group classes is going to include a lot of variety, and when you really want to improve quickly in one area, sometimes a bit of added time, even just a few minutes before or after class, is all you need to see the improvements you're looking for.

Write your name, current level in regards to your measurable goal (such as 1 pull up with a blue band, 150 lb. deadlift, or 9 minute mile), and then list out your goal. We will contact you either at the gym or by email to provide suggestions for what you can do with a few minutes before or after class a few times a week to work toward your goal. By the last week of the month of January, show us your updated results in the last column. If you hit your goal earlier during the month, write it out on the board.

Let's set some goals!

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