Drop-In Policy & "Bring a Friend" Days

Drop-In Policy & "Bring a Friend" Days

Hey All, This is a friendly reminder on our drop-in policy since we've had several people kindly tell their friends about us--which we love! It is, however, important for the safety of our guests and members that all guests have at least 3 months of CrossFit experience to drop into the regular classes. All others must drop in on Saturday mornings at 9am, which is our "Bring a Friend" class. Guests are not allowed to drop into On-Ramp classes since these are capped to ensure adequate attention for each participant. We appreciate your help with sticking to these guidelines, and we thank you for referring us to your friends!

(*CrossFit experience at an actual affiliate is required since most other programs do not include preparation for the barbell lifts including snatches, clean and jerks, etc. as well as technical gymnastics movements and progressions.)

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