CrossFit Total: Sunday, February 3rd!

CrossFit Total: Sunday, February 3rd!

CrossFit Total: Sunday, February 3rd!

The CrossFit Total is coming Superbowl Sunday, February 3rd! Want to test your strength? Want to see if all that hard work has been paying off? The CrossFit Total is a benchmark event which is scored by the total of your best of 3 attempts at each lift (back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift). This will be the culminating event of "Extra Strength Month,"and we encourage you to attend!

There is a sign up sheet at the gym, as we must limit classes to 12 people per session for this event. Classes will run 1.5 hours long due to the time it takes to warm up and perform all three max lifts. The first heat is at 9am, and the second heat is at 10:30. Please sign up in advance to reserve your place in class. When signing up, please include a rough estimate of the weights you'd like to attempt (you may change these later). This will help us group you together for sharing racks. If you decide you cannot attend, please remove your name so that others can take your spot. You're also welcome to come observe and cheer on your friends!

*There will be NO regular WODs on 2/2/13. You must sign up in advance to participate.

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