CrossFit Total January 18th

CrossFit Total January 18th

Come test your strength on January 18th for the CrossFit Total! The CrossFit Total is the sum of your best of 3 attempts at each lift: back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift. You'll get to warm up, and then you'll have 3 judged attempts to score the highest successful lift. The sum of your three top lifts will be your CrossFit Total. Only one person will lift at a time, so we'll be watching and cheering you on when you're up to lift!

Heats will start 2 hours apart so that everyone has adequate time to warm up and get their lifts in. Movements will be held to a full range of motion to count. If you require significant mobility work and warm-up time, please arrive before your scheduled time. This will be a great way to finish out our powerlifting cycle! Sign-ups will be posted this week--please reserve your spot so that we can plan accordingly. Please give us a rough estimate of your current lifts so that we can plan out rack sharing ahead of time. Everyone is encouraged to participate, and no other classes will take place that Saturday.


Heat 1 9am

Heat 2 11am



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