CrossFit Open 17.3 Details and Heat Sign Up Sheet!

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CrossFit Open 17.3 Details and Heat Sign Up Sheet!

17.3 has been announced, and there's no dumbbells this time around (there is that pesky pull-up bar though)! As always, please review the movement standards, weights, etc PRIOR to coming into the gym. We will refresh everyone and demo the standards but it helps a ton to come prepared. The standards can be found here:

We will be running heats every 20 minutes for this one. Since people will be finishing at different times, if there are a few people remaining in the heat, please be careful not to interrupt them if you're setting up your bar and weights for the next heat. 

The sign-up sheet for the workout can be found below. Please note we have designated spots for the Speal Bars once again. Please give people performing the workout "RX" first dibs on these bars. If there's Speal Bars not taken by 8pm Friday, those spots become open to everyone.

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