CrossFit Open 13.1 Workout

CrossFit Open 13.1 Workout

Burpees and Snatches--Here we go!

Thursday at 7am and 5pm we will have our official Open WOD times. These times are meant for those who need to be judged for the CrossFit Open. If you are coming to do the workout but not participating in the open, consider these open gym times, as coaches will be busy judging participants. Judging requires full attention to counting reps and ensuring standards are met--while judging, coaches will not be able to help others. If you want someone checking your form and helping you with the technique on the snatch, please try to attend other class times.

Ideally we will have those who have taken the judge's course do the majority of the judging; however, if we need a couple extra judges, we may ask some others with experience to step in and judge. If you are at all interested in judging, it is mandatory that you watch the video that goes over the standards and rules for the workout (which you should do as a participant anyway).

Participants, get your game faces on!  Try your best, cheer others on, and remember to have fun with this! Part of this experience is doing things you wouldn't have otherwise done, giving your all, and maybe even hitting some PRs along the way. Don't worry about what weights you can or can't do, just do your best. This year rather than just reps counting, the time at which you finish your last complete set of snatches will also factor into your ranking. This means everyone, at every level, should work towards the best score and time they can muster up when the clock counts down 3-2-1-GO!


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