Chris Saldana

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Chris Saldana

  • CrossFit Level Two Trainer

  • CPR and First Aid Certified

Earlier in life I was going to a gym regularly and being active with friends. I would wind surf, rock climb, swimming, hike, tennis, play in many team sports, all while forcing myself to attend a traditional gym. I would invite my friends to try everything with me, always teaching and helping them along the way. At my job I started an employee workout program where I coached coworkers, helping them with their physical goals.  

When I started Crossfit in 2012 I thought I was in relatively good shape. I was quickly humbled in my abilities by many of the workouts - I finally found something that motivated and challenged me in a way that would also improve my overall fitness. Since I started I have come a long way and am excited to share what I have learned and my joy with others. Soon after joining Grassroots I started assisting other coaches during class. I completed my Level 1 certified trainer course in early 2013 and have been coaching ever since. Helping people that come to me achieve physical goals and push past uncertainties, all with careful guidance, knowledge of our bodies, and how to do these movements safely is my goal. Crossfit's biggest strength is in its community of positive people who I have the joy of working with everyday. 

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