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    Post-Open Pizza Party Sign-up!!! All Members Welcome.

    To celebrate the end of the CrossFit Open, we will be having a pizza party on Saturday, March 25th! We will start after the last heat of the CrossFit Open, which should be no later than noon. Even if you're not participating in the Open this year, you are welcome to join us. For additional details and to sign up, please use the link below.   Read More...

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    CrossFit Open 17.4 Details and Heat Sign Up Sheet!

    We knew it was coming....17.4 is a repeat of 16.4: 55 reps of deadlifts, wallballs, rowing cals, and HSPU. If you did this last year, hopefully you know what to expect and you're ready with a game plan! Check your score from last year by going to the games.crossfit.com leaderboard and searching for your name under 2016.   Read More...

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    CrossFit Open 17.3 Details and Heat Sign Up Sheet!

    17.3 has been announced, and there's no dumbbells this time around (there is that pesky pull-up bar though)! As always, please review the movement standards, weights, etc PRIOR to coming into the gym. We will refresh everyone and demo the standards but it helps a ton to come prepared.   Read More...

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