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    September Athlete of the Month: Tina!!!

    What made you want to start? I have friends that CrossFit and recommended it. I was really nervous but I like a challenge.What was your experience in joining our gym?   Read More...

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    New Strongman and Flexibility Classes Starting This Week!!!

    Starting this week, we'll be offering two new classes which will run concurrent with Open Gym time at 2pm.Do you see those kegs, tires, and Atlas stones in the back of the gym and wonder how on earth you're supposed to lift them? Have you seen World's Strongest Man and thought "wow, that looks so cool?" Well, starting Tuesday, September 20th and running every Tuesday at 2pm, GRCF will have a dedicated Strongman class to learn how to correctly lift and carry various stron...  Read More...

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    August Athlete of the Month: Alex O!

    How many years have you been a part of the Grassroots family?I started Crossfit with my on ramp classes at GRCF in June of 2015, so just over a year now. Prior to joining GRCF, I had been swimming on and off, and seriously for about six months before I made the leap to CrossFit.· What made you want to start?I needed to make a change in my life. I had heard about Crossfit and read a little about the concept.   Read More...

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