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    New Focus: Rebuild, Retool and Reset

    It’s official; the CrossFit Open is over once again. After 5 weeks of work centered around the movements and time domains of the Open, it’s time to get back to the basics. This next cycle will be the perfect chance to retool bad movement patterns, shore up weaknesses, and build some muscle to prepare you for PRs to come. For our barbell work, we will be working at lighter loads over the next few months (generally the 60-80% range) and working on tempo work and higher rep ranges....  Read More...

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    CrossFit Open 18.1 Heat Sign-ups and Details!!

    18.1 has been announced...and it's a long one! If you haven't checked it out yet, you can find the details here. Please orient yourselves with the standards and rules so you know what to expect.https://games.crossfit.com/workouts/open/2018/1We will open the doors to the gym around 8:30am on Saturday, and we'll be running heats on  starting at 9am.   Read More...

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    New Focus: CrossFit Open 2018!

    With the holidays behind us, we will be continuing our focus on the upcoming CrossFit Open, now launching full-steam into our Open Prep cycle. For those of you new to CrossFit, the Open is a chance to push yourself more than you would in an ordinary class, to define your strengths and weaknesses, to set new goals, to learn new skills, and to be held to the same standards and share the same experiences as some of the best athletes around the world. There are no qualifiers to participate--it ...  Read More...

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