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    New Focus: Karen!

    As 2016 draws to an end, and the 2017 CrossFit Open approaches, we will be shifting our focus towards conditioning, muscular endurance, and common movements found in the Open. To fully kick off the start of the Games season, we are focusing on an iconic CrossFit workout: Karen! Karen is a deceptively simple WOD--150 wall ball shots for time. But as those of you who tested last week can confirm, its simplicity is what makes it so challenging.   Read More...

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    October Athlete of the Month: Jason M!

    It's a little late, but here's our October Athlete of the Month profile-- introducing Jason Morris!!!What were you doing to stay in shape before you started with us?I was a generalist with my exercise prior to Grassroots. I would run, bike and hike semi-regularly but never as regularly as I knew I should be.How has working out at Grassroots impacted your life outside of the gym?In SO many ways. Most importantly, I feel better.   Read More...

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    Barbells for Boobs Returns November 5th!

    Two years ago, the Grassroots community rallied together for Barbells for Boobs, and we were one of the most successful gyms in the nation! This year, we'll be once again fundraising to support this great cause, with the hopes of exceeding our previous amount. For those of you who don't know, Barbells for Boobs raises money to help provide services for the early detection of breast cancer to those without access to services. Their goal is to make sure those without insurance or wh...  Read More...

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