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    New Focus: Tommy V!

    Our next cycle, “Tommy V,” named after Petty Officer Thomas Valentine, pushes us with high reps of moderately heavy thrusters and rope climbs. We’ll be running the pre-test for this WOD on Tuesday, July 31st, so come prepared and ready with tall socks to protect the shins from the rope. Rope climbs are a combination of upper body strength and lower body skill, requiring the ability to hold and pull while quickly raising the legs and securing the feet. For those with adequa...  Read More...

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    New Focus: Nasty Girls!

    Over the past few months, we’ve worked on improving our basic gymnastic strength and stability across a range of pulling and pushing movements. Our last cycle had us building our strength on the rings via pull-ups and dips, which leads us to our first real targeted focus of the year: Nasty Girls!Nasty Girls is a classic CrossFit workout comprised of air squats, muscle-ups, and hang power cleans. The squats serve to increase the heart rate, which makes performing a complex movement like a muscle ...  Read More...

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    New Focus: Rebuild, Retool and Reset

    It’s official; the CrossFit Open is over once again. After 5 weeks of work centered around the movements and time domains of the Open, it’s time to get back to the basics. This next cycle will be the perfect chance to retool bad movement patterns, shore up weaknesses, and build some muscle to prepare you for PRs to come. For our barbell work, we will be working at lighter loads over the next few months (generally the 60-80% range) and working on tempo work and higher rep ranges....  Read More...

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