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    New Focus: Helen!

    After a solid block of work resetting and rebuilding our strict strength, we’re shifting gears to work on dynamic movements and test a benchmark workout. Our next focus will be "Helen" (3 Rounds of 400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swings 53/35, 12 Pull ups). Helen is a simple workout, but it’s deceptively challenging, as it taxes your muscular endurance while keeping each movement just short enough to keep you moving. During the month, expect to see focused skill work on sprint...  Read More...

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    New Focus: Swole and Steady

    It’s been a tough couple of months here at GRCF! We’ve done the CrossFit Total. We’ve done the CrossFit Open.   Read More...

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    New Focus: Lynne!

    Our latest cycle, Lynne, builds off of the work we did over the past two cycles, but changes up the pushing and pulling stimulus. It consists of 5 rounds of max body weight bench press, superset with max reps of pull-ups. Compared to other CrossFit benchmarks, Lynne is focused less on metabolic intensity and more on strength-to-bodyweight ratio. We’ll be working this benchmark by improving our 5RM bench press.   Read More...

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