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    New Focus: Swole and Steady

    It’s been a tough couple of months here at GRCF! We’ve done the CrossFit Total. We’ve done the CrossFit Open.   Read More...

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    New Focus: Lynne!

    Our latest cycle, Lynne, builds off of the work we did over the past two cycles, but changes up the pushing and pulling stimulus. It consists of 5 rounds of max body weight bench press, superset with max reps of pull-ups. Compared to other CrossFit benchmarks, Lynne is focused less on metabolic intensity and more on strength-to-bodyweight ratio. We’ll be working this benchmark by improving our 5RM bench press.   Read More...

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    New Focus: Moore!

    Building off of our last cycle, our focus will now be on “Moore,” a lesser known Hero WOD (named after Officer David Moore of the Indianapolis Police Department) with a longer time domain. “Moore” is a 20 min AMRAP consisting of: 1 Rope ClimbRun 400mMax Reps Handstand Push-upsThose who got their very first rope climbs last cycle will have the chance to practice in a less demanding environment when they tackle this workout. For athletes who already have strong rope cl...  Read More...

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