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2036 Blake St.
Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 859-4431

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Welcome To Grassroots CrossFit

Welcome to Grassroots CrossFit! We are located in a large training facility, just minutes away from the UC Berkeley Campus, downtown, and the Downtown and Ashby Berkeley BART stations. We have convenient limited free parking for our members located on the side of our building and plenty of free street parking. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a visit and “like” us on Facebook for updates, promotions, and other news.


  • NEW FOCUS for August and September...
    NEW FOCUS for August and September... Every weekday for the months of August and September, your warm-up will include a special focus: strict gymnastics work! Gymnastics skills such as pull ups, dips, muscle ups, pistols, and handstand push ups take time and frequent practice to develop. We encourage you to spend time before/after class practicing any…
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  • New Team Training Programming
    New Team Training Programming Our new Team Training program is for those who wish to be competitive in the sport of CrossFit or to accelerate their progress with more lifting and skill work each day. The new structure begins this Monday, June 30th, but you can opt in at any time (please let a…
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  • This Month's Focus: Unilateral Work
    This Month's Focus: Unilateral Work This month we are exploring movements that are one-sided, or exercises in which limbs move independently of one another. Think single arm presses, split squats, turkish get ups, waiter's walks, pistols, lunges, single leg jumps, etc. There are several reasons to include unilateral work in your training; here are just…
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Workout of the Day

  • Record your best Back Squat 20 Rep Max lift. Warm up to your weight and take one attempt at hitting 20 reps. Recommended weight is 50-70% of 1rm depending on your strengths and experience. Ask your coach to help choose a weight that's right for you.

  • For time: 20 Push Press, 95/65 lbs 20 Power Cleans 20 Overhead Squats 20 Deadlifts 20 Front Squats *complete 3 burpees at the top of every minute.

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