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2036 Blake St.
Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 859-4431

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Welcome To Grassroots CrossFit

Welcome to Grassroots CrossFit! We are located in a large training facility, just minutes away from the UC Berkeley Campus, downtown, and the Downtown and Ashby Berkeley BART stations. We have convenient limited free parking for our members located on the side of our building and plenty of free street parking. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a visit and “like” us on Facebook for updates, promotions, and other news.


  • New Focus: CrossFit Open 2016!
    New Focus: CrossFit Open 2016! The CrossFit Open begins at the end of February, and once again, we'll be gearing up for it over the next eight weeks. The Open is the event with the largest participation worldwide within the CrossFit community. It is the first stage of reaching The CrossFit Games, the annual tournament…
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  • New Focus: Nancy!
    New Focus: Nancy! This month’s cycle takes us away from a series of shorter, intense workouts to a benchmark requiring sustained effort and pacing. “Nancy” will be our focus over the next few weeks, and it consists of 5 rounds of 15 overhead squats and 400m runs. We tested “Nancy” yesterday, but we…
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  • New Focus: "Helen"
    New Focus: "Helen" For the next few cycles, we'll use benchmark workouts as a way to focus our training for a period of time. The benchmark will serve as one way to measure our progress during the month, as we'll test it at both the beginning and end of the period to note…
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Workout of the Day

  • 10 Pull-up (kipping)s Every 1:30 for 6 mins. 5-10 C2B, Kip PU, Band Kip PU, or Jumping PU (coming through at front and around bar to get rhythm) Butterfly allowed for people who have them

  • Row 5000 m This is an all out effort for time. Partner 5K Row. Before row is complete, teams need to complete: 100 situps 100 Russian Twists 5 Minute of plank One partner works on row, while the other partner works on core work.

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