• July Athlete of the Month: Marcelle!!

    Marcelle Athlete Profile · What made you want to start?I recently moved here from the Dominican Republic where I was actively surfing and dancing, and I wasn’t able to do those as often here. I decided to give Grassroots a shot since it’s close to my house.What was your experience in joining our gym?Being a part of Grassroots has been great. I come to the 6:30 class and Coach Atchie is very welcoming; and the gym itself has everything I need.   Read More...

  • June Athlete of the Month: Mel Bolton!

    How many years have you been a part of the Grassroots family? What made you want to start?I came to a couple of community workouts before joining the on-ramp in October of 2014. I LOVE to challenge myself and see what I can accomplish.   Read More...

  • New Focus: Angie!

    Over the past few months, we’ve channelled our efforts toward building a solid foundation of basic barbell movements and strict bodyweight strength and endurance. During this time, we’ve seen many of you drastically improve your pull-ups, push-ups, leg strength, and core stability. Starting this cycle, we are building on that foundation by focusing on a CrossFit bodyweight benchmark: Angie. Angie is a higher volume workout, consisting of 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 air ...  Read More...

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